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Meek DD (Doorbell, DSRM P1 reader / Development board)  


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14/11/2018 6:25 pm  

Besides the switches, we’re also in process of creating several smart, Wi-Fi enabled, devices, capable of interacting with each other.

One of the devices we’re working on, is the Meek DD, this is a Wi-Fi enabled, multipurpose board with integrated (smart) Doorbell function, DSRM P1 smart meter reader & Development board.

Doorbell :

  • Integrated MP3 player and 3.5mm audio output to play any melody on doorbell activities.
  • Fully programmable doorbell modus, just a few examples :
    • Standalone : on doorbell -> play a melody of your choice on a sound level you want. You can even set the melody or volume levels on a predefined setting. For instance, from 19.00 hours till 06.00, play melody 2 on volume level 20, from 06.01 till 18.59, play melody 85, volume 30.
    • Parallel : works parallel to your existing doorbell with the option to disable your doorbell on any given time. This could be beneficial for instance when your baby is asleep.
    • Silence modus : no doorbell ring
    • Phone messaging : on doorbell send a mail, or rind my mobile phone
    • Visual modus: on doorbell, blink Meek switches/light points

DSMR P1 Meter : Wi-Fi enabled P1 meter, sends the P1 output to a logging system like Domoticz.

Development Board: majority of the ports are made available with headers. You can easily attach and control LED strips (NeopixelBusFX, Neopixel,DMX,…), I2C breakout, several 5V tolerant input’s/outputs (for instance for your water meter, pulse counter,….).

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14/11/2018 8:40 pm  

Looking forward to this one. How is the bell to be connected? Currently I have the pushbutton on pin 6 and 7 from my bel transformer and pin 7 and 8 for the bell (like described here in dutch). Do I need to rewire for this version to work or not?

Currently I do have doorbell detection with an wemos d1 using a protoboard setup with an optocoupler to detect the bell ringing, no option to switch off the bell remotely. Also another wemos d1 with protoboard running the p1 meter logging based on ESPThingies. Replacing it with this one would reduce the amount of devices and free up some wemos boards.


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19/11/2018 6:42 pm  

We try to make the Meek DD so universal as possible, so it can be installed on various conditions &  installations.

In your case, your push button can be connected to the Meek DD “Button” port and the transformer to the “Bell” connector.


We have a relay connected directly between the doorbell button and the transformer/bell, if the relay is off, the push button and transformer are directly connected to each other. In this situation, it in “parallel modus”, so your doorbell will ring as usual, and Meek DD will detect the button press and act upon this event as you like (play specified song, on specified volume, send message or mail, webhook,…).


You can choose to disable the connection between the doorbell and transformer by “igniting” the relay.

In this case, your doorbell button, will receive power from the Meek DD, and once the doorbell button is pressed, it will act on how you programmed it.

In the normal situation, once a doorbell press is detected, it will send a command to play a MP3 as instructed.