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Rules & Settings Meek MP1 v1.4  

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I currently have a version v1.4 and saw some differences mainly in the neopixel part. This came to light after uploading the settings from version v1.3 into this one that resulted in a bootloop. I did get it up and running again while re-flashing the device with a blank image and then a current image. However this did break the neopixel connection as these apparently are supposed to be driven by the neopixelfx plugin. Can you post a package with correct firmware, config and rules for me?

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Your observations are spot on, from version 1.4 and upwards, the RGBW leds (Neopixels leds) are being driven by GPIO2 and in the previous versions this was on GPIO14.


On the version 1.4 motherboard, we standard use plugin “NeoPixelBusFX”.

From our tests with the firmwares, the most stable release of ESPEasy on the Meek devices, is the version “Release mega-20180519” that can be found on :


Attached you’ll find the rules and devices settings of 1.3 and 1.4 versions.

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