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Understanding the Rules of Meek  

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Anticipating the arrival of the just ordered MP1 I have started looking at the manual (a bit hard to find because in general you would click on 1 of the 2 subitems software/hardware).

As there are not many comments in the code (not sure if that's possible with rules) can you explain a couple of things?

Dummy devices, there are 2 dummy devices. Meek and Light, what are their variable names? Also important what is the order they are used in, this is to understand what value is set with the TaskValueSet command. 

What is the function of each timer, this is a bit hard to read because the timers set/clear dummy value's and from there it's driven forward.

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First of all, thank you for your support. The website is still in development and the manuals and the rules function is something we're still working on. Within couple of days, we'll provide some more information about the hard-& software configuration of the Meek switches. For the time beeing, you could take a look at the Wiki of ESPEasy rules  https://www.letscontrolit.com/wiki/index.php/Tutorial_Rules


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