Story of Meek

First of all, thank you for your visit! The story of Meek started way back in the year 2006 by tinkering and the architectural design of “THE home automation solution”. In 2016, when the founder of Meek (Mustafa Kandemir) actively started the pursue this idea,  he was unable to find “THE solution” to automate his electrical peripherals in and around the house, so he started to develop his own Wi-Fi based solutions to have control- and monitor abilities over his peripherals the way he wanted; elegant, flexible and affordable. On one of the items, ESP8266 – Wi-Fi based wall switch, he actively blogged on the online domotica scenes. The community embraced this idea and urged to make them commercially available for the co-domotica enthusiasts, and here we are!

The name Meek is formed by the founder based upon several aspects of his life;
• Make; creating, designing and making thing to come a life is a big passion of the founder (“maak” = create in Dutch)
• Humble; humble is a keyword and part of the lifestyle of the founder (Meek)
• Family; names of his daughters Elif & Esma (Mustafa, Elif, Esma, Kandemir)

Who We Are​

We are a group of “techies” with a mutual interest for science and automation systems. We like to re-purpose devices to make them do the things we want them to do. So we devout our free time in making things happen!

Our Purpose and Goal

Create high-quality, elegant, flexible and affordable home automation solutions. At this moment, we have several devices in developments based on ESP8266 and AVR’s. Future releases will be equipped with ESP32 units which will provide even more possibilities. To have all these devices work seamlessly with- or without the current automation systems, we will create a very beautiful, easy to use, yet powerful cloud IOT platform.